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Make Your Home Stand Out to Buyers With Smart Tech Upgrades

by Selina Zhao 04/01/2024

If you’re putting your house on the market, you’re likely trying to find every way to increase buyer interest. There are many things you can do to boost home value and attractiveness to potential buyers. One thing that has become increasingly effective in modern home sales is smart technology. If you’re interested in adding some easy smart home upgrades to help your home stand out, here are some suggestions:

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are an easy value-add to your home. Not only is it a convenient feature for future homeowners to have, it comes with the added selling point of being energy-efficient. Smart thermostats can help save a sizable percentage on utilities in several ways. One key way they work is by automatically raising or lowering the temperature in the room based on the amount of activity. Smart thermostats can sense when a room is empty and automatically turn down the heat or AC to save energy.

The ability to connect to smartphones is another major advantage of smart thermostats. Once potential buyers find out they can control their thermostat with just a few buttons on their phone—from anywhere—they’ll be able to imagine themselves making it their new home.

Advanced Smoke & CO Detectors

Smart smoke and CO detectors bring this ubiquitous safety feature to a new level. Not only do they have the latest and greatest in smoke and carbon monoxide detection technologies, they connect to your smartphone. These smart detectors can send you a special emergency alert to your smartphone if they go off. This can help you keep your home and belongings safe when out of the house and also keep housemates and loved ones informed.

Another great function of these smart detectors is they can warn you when the battery is getting low. Getting a text message reminder to change the batteries is much more pleasant than piercing beeps in the middle of the night.

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are easy to install and have become more affordable even as technology improves. With a video doorbell, you can see and record live footage of your front (or back) door to see who’s knocking. It also lets you see delivery people, so you’ll never miss a dropped off package again. You can connect your video doorbell to a security system to make it easy to alert the authorities in case of an attempted break-in or theft from your porch.

These smart home upgrades are simple to set up and well-worth the money. When potential buyers find out about these new advanced features, your home will stand out in the market.

About the Author

Selina Zhao

Selina Zhao is a tech savvy real estate agent who brings over the top-notch marketing strategies, presentation, and negotiation skills to her clients. Selina always stays on top of the real estate market trends and stats. She applies strategies into different market situation and empower her clients to achieve their ultimate goal. During the first year of her real estate career in the Bay Area, she achieved an impressive $22.8M in sales. Selina’s experience on real estate sales ensure her clients get the care and attention they need as they make the crucial decision of buying and selling properties. Selina is vowed to provide excellent service, communication, and always an advocate for her clients.

Selina loves real estate, her career blended in perfectly to her daily life, and she loves to help others to achieve their American dreams. She works restlessly to get the work done. Immigrated from mainland China in 2007, graduated from University of Miami, Selina established her own online marketing company and her real estate career in Miami, Florida before moving to San Francisco in 2017. Her soul of entrepreneurship and cares for others encouraging her to pursue to be the best in the industry. Selina is also a former Miami HEAT video producer, who witness the team winning their 2012 NBA championship at the courtside.